Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ann Robinson Bedcover

This bedcover is one of the earliest quilts in the Shelburne Museum collection, and is on the cover of the book Enduring Grace, Quilts from the Shelburne Museum Collection.  It measures 95 x 100, and consists of appliqued calico, gingham, and chintz on a white cambric backing.  This bedcover is not quilted.  Ann started her bedcover on October 1813, and cross-stitched "Finished January 27th 1814" at the bottom.  She must have had a lot of free time!

In 1998 RJR, in collaboration with the Shelburne Museum, put out a fabric collection drawn from the Ann Robinson Bedcover, with a focus on shells, leaves, flowers, and other motifs from nature.  I just love this collection, and hope to make this quilt some day.

And here are the fabrics ~


  1. It has long been one of my favourite quilts Lisa - thanks for the lovely reminder! The fabrics are delightful aren't they? The more you look at this quilt the more you see - like all the animals running over the hills at the bottom - a very joyful quilt!

  2. Wow! This quilt is absolutely stunning. Is there a pattern available?

  3. Love the quilt, I have often admired it on the cover of Enduring Grace. Will definitely check out the fabric line, thanks for posting!

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  5. Hi, Just found your blog and LOVE it! Please keep posting if you are able, I know life gets in the way.

  6. Wonderful !Where can I find the pattern ...Thanks

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